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FREAKANGELS 2 On Release This Week

Volume 2 of FREAKANGELS reaches print this week, from Wednesday in North America and Thursday in the UK. This is the paperback edition — the hardback ships in May, I believe.

Obviously, this is the hopeful end of our economic model: the hope that print-collection sales will recoup the costs of producing FREAKANGELS for the web. The weird thing is, I’m always bumping into people who tell me they don’t read FREAKANGELS for free on the web because they’re waiting for the trade paperback…



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  1. I download every comic, but I haven’t read any of volume 2 yet. Waiting for my signed hardcover edition! Need to have a volume 2 that matches my volume 1… :)

    I think I enjoy reading an entire volume at once rather than waiting each week for new pages… More to look forward to, maybe?

  2. Caged Wisdom Caged Wisdom

    I’m part of the group who waits for the trade. I have horrible retention for reading things in fragments – I started reading volume 1 online but I found myself having to go back to the prior weeks’ parts to refresh my memory. It’s always been that way for me though – I used to have the same problem with monthly comics before I gave up and went to buying exclusively trades.

  3. Lor Lor

    I also wait for the signed hardcover. Once I get into a story, I like to read as much of it as possible. I find reading a few pages at a time frustrating. I thought I’d like the weekly web schedule because I’m impatient. Turns out, I’d really rather you churned out an entire volume each week. But, I’d prefer that you don’t burn out. So, I wait.

  4. Mine! Mine!


  5. Alan Alan


    Add me to the list of those who purchase trades instead of weekly comics/web. I know the industry is driven by the weekly comics, but I want full stories, beginnings, middles and ends, without having to wait for the next episode/issue.

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