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  1. Fogger Fogger

    Absolutely loving it so far.

  2. middleclasstool middleclasstool

    Weirdly, is still showing only episodes 1 & 2, as far as I can tell. I don’t know how they’re getting leaked early, but I can’t find 3-5 anywhere on their site.

  3. I don’t understand what there is to hate about Resolute. I think it’s been a blast. Ep 2 with Snake eyes was worth the price of admission alone.

  4. Sheldon Sheldon

    Very nice.

    I can’t say that I can’t wait for the next eps; that would be absurd. However, the wait will be a source of vexation.

    Can’t put put it more plainly than that.

  5. steve o mac steve o mac

    waiting for the torrents of 3-5 atm since im not in the bloody usa :( ive heard that this series is probably gonna put the live action version to shame!

  6. Todd Todd

    I only wish the live-action movie will be half as good as this has been.

  7. As a longtime G.I. Joe fan, since the original cartoons 1980’s debut, I will say this:

    Resolute is freaking amazing. I have seen episodes 1-5 already and I cannot wait for more. I don’t get the whiners. They need to grow up, and understand that the original cartoon had it’s time. It’s time for something more sophisticated. Thank you for what you’ve done.

  8. IowaJedi IowaJedi

    I heard somewhere that you (Mr. Ellis) felt that people were angry about Resolute in the Joe fan forums. I don’t know if you’ve checked out, but nearly everyone is LOVING what you’re doing. Resolute has totally re-energized the fan base. I think it is safe to say that most Joe fans would take your animated show over the movie any day. In addition, people are in a frenzy trying to find the remaining webisodes before they’re actually published on Adult Swim. Great work all around!

  9. Ellis, you have wreaked havoc on my childhood, and I salute you. Seriously, though, the show is incredibly inviting and satisfying. While “The best thing to ever happen to G.I. Joe” might sound like faint praise, I don’t intend it as such.

    Also, from Wikipedia: “The discovery of a subglacial ecosystem of extremophiles that survives without oxygen in Blood Falls, Antarctica, is announced.”

  10. I heard you were getting hate mail for GI Joe Resolute….well head over to and read how people are praising what you have done……Great Job man….great job!!!!

  11. …and of course a perfunctory scan down the page shows you already knew about the extremophiles. Figures.

  12. Eric Eric

    Can we just have a series that’s this good? Sure 5 min eps are amazing… but I miss well written and well animated non-Japanese cartoons.

  13. Jaybird Jaybird

    Resolute has been absolutely amazing thus far, and I can’t wait for more. It has exceeded my expectations. It’s GI Joe the way it should be. And yes, the HissTank community has a bit of a man crush on you right now.

  14. Warren!

    I LOVE Resolute!.. Ive seen up to ep 5 and I can’t wait to see the whole thing. I Love this so much I wish it were a Series or hope it doe so well that it becomes one.

    The whole thing is executed brilliantly, from the story to the artwork. Great Job man, and Thanks for bringing life back into a Beloved Childhood Memory… I only wish the Movie would be this good.


  15. Jon Bryans Jon Bryans

    Hi Warren,

    Just wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know what I think of G.I.Joe: Resolute … After watching the first five episodes, I firmly believe you have written, hands down, one of the best G.I.Joe stories EVER!

    I really wish Resolute would continue beyond this one series of ten episodes and that Hasbro played it smart and kept you onboard … sir, to be honest, I grew up reading the book by Larry (who is a great friend of mine) and I love his work, but you have truly brought back the excitement to the Joe Universe and for that, I would like to thank you.

  16. john john

    Actually they’re not on . It looks like someone’s getting through their Flash code and finding wherever they store the video files.

  17. sydneygb sydneygb

    I am disappointed that you chose one of the most ruthless characters to knock off. Surely Destro or the Baroness are more traitorous and power-hungry! Bludd’s perfect for this darker setting. He’s been a quintessential villain in this series for a long time, particularly in the Marvel comics.

    Very disappointed.

  18. MekkZ MekkZ

    This is probably the best animated G.I. Joe series of all time and my thanks to Mr. Ellis for writing such an excellent story.

  19. Night-Vulture Night-Vulture

    Thank you for giving COBRA Commander his balls back. Mr. Ellis you rock!

  20. Jay in Oregon Jay in Oregon

    I’m loving the new Cobra Commander.

    I could watch this for hours. Well done.

  21. James Bong James Bong

    Its a scary thought, but I get the feeling that ,100 years from now, people will look back on this as an important piece of early 21st century art.

  22. Warren-This series is absolutely perfect, I cannot believe how dead-center you have hit the nail with this one. From your writing to the animators and voice actors, this is hands down THE best GI Joe ever, thanks.

  23. BadWolf BadWolf

    Mr. Ellis,
    Resolute is quite possably the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life! I will never look at GI Joe the same again (and I mean that in a good way)
    You have definatly set the bar high with this one. I hope to God they ask you back to do more!

    Thank You

  24. TheSumerian TheSumerian

    Hehe. Cobra Commander sounds somewhat frustrated to me.

  25. Ko'chaa Cinque Ko'chaa Cinque

    GI Joe:Resolute is fantastic!!! Like the fans, I also wish to express how this cartoon NEEDS to continue as a regular series. 1/2 hr or 1 hr- I don’t care…we need Joes now more than ever! My art instructor and I often wished they’d make gr8 toons like the ’80s that spawned imagination. Resolute seems to be the series that galvanize his resurgence. Kudos!!

  26. Dave Dave


    Grantes yoyu are kick ass and are finally applying class to the G.I. Joe world… but having Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes named BEFORE they join their respective groups…. that’s kind of weak. They’re code names, are they not? Did Hasbro insist you do that? because I would think Hasbro is lame enough to request that…

  27. ceeyar71 ceeyar71

    Awesome work,this is the GI Joe I’ve always wanted to see. The problem is I’m going to want more and more. From animation,cinimatics and storyline its been superb.

  28. Jason Jason

    Love the series, but I’m just so UNBELIEVABLY dissapointed that the core mythos of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow was ruined.

    The scenario of Storm Shadow having something to do with his uncle’s death – but not actually being behind it – left so much more open. The 2-dimensional way it was done here leaves no option for development of his and Snake Eyes’ characters.

  29. Den Den

    “I’m just so UNBELIEVABLY dissapointed that the core mythos of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow was ruined.”

    Ruined is the wrong word, re-imagined is the word you should have used.

    I for one am loving it.

  30. Thom Thom

    The video comments, even for YouTube, even for the internet, are blowing my mind. “Everyone knows that so and so was killed by the such and such device! EVERYONE KNOWS argh midgets melting dwarves…”

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