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  1. Leo


    Super-Cannes is still one of my top favorites.

  2. Man, that sucks. Crash was high up on the best fucked-up books I’ve read.

  3. earl


    JG Ballard was an amazing writer even on up to the end. The guy lived a hell of a life.

  4. Peter


    Shit. I’ve read the interviews Ballard did with Re/Search and had my mind expanded. His ’60s speculative fiction still remain fresh and vital. Goodbye, man.

  5. philelzebub


    Concrete Island… one of those novels that leaves you screaming at the protagonist… awesome read.

  6. concrete island seconded. blew my mind.

  7. Ballard was writing social forecasts for the world we inhabit now, specifically that England would become a giant retail park peopled by celebrity worshipping sociopaths.
    Its poorer world without him.

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