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Warren Ellis At London MCM Comics Expo

Due to some Swedish girl basically hitting me in the head until I gave in, and then Emma Vieceli playing Good Cop, I will be appearing at the London MCM Comics Expo on the afternoon of Saturday May 23.

Don’t bring your entire comics collection for me to sign. You will go away disappointed. And probably also with fresh bruises on your head and neck.

Also attending: Em, of course, Paul Duffield, Gary Erskine, Young Marc Ellerby and the defective duo of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. And others. But those are the ones I know and remember. I just woke up. Piss off.

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  1. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    If by some weird happenstance I get to go, i will just go up and thank you profusely for your works that please me. Maybe I will salute you. Whatever I feel is appropriate…

  2. That’s crazy! I’m actually going to be in London and can go! Are you going to do any kind of pub meetup aftewards?

  3. bloop bloop

    Never been to a comic expo, do lots of scary types wander around them?

    Baby was up most the night and I would quite like to say bugger off to a few people this morning, brain into 2nd….

  4. I want more detail on the beating, please.

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