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Via Katie West, again.

I’m actually still writing, and will be up for hours yet. But it’s definitely sign-off time for this particular web channel tonight. I usually leave Twitter up while I’m working. Tomorrow, I have an appearance announcement: I’m waiting on the link to the place’s website, but it already got mentioned on Twitter. Which in itself comprises a channel, for me — I use Twhirl, so it’s a window that pops up in the bottom right of my screen to tell me things. (Like just now, when Matt Jones told me about a thing called The Incidental.) Twitter also sends me breaking news from the BBC, new headlines from The Guardian, and loads up a bunch of weird science news for me first thing in the "morning" (which for me is around noon) from Kurzweil AI. It’s actually a handy thing.

I should probably get people to submit Closedown photos if I’m going to make a regular thing of this. Station idents. Heh. I use as a dump address to be checked weekly at best, but maybe I’ll set a widget to watch it…

G’night, internet.


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  1. Hi,

    Just a quick note to say that I really enjoy your comics and tweets. Hope to see more of your work soon!

    – gerry

  2. Exciting!

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