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  1. Silvio Silvio

    oh jesus, orgies with half human horses?

  2. To be honest… I think I fucked it last week and it keeps sending me text messages for more.

    Fucking scotch.

  3. PhilWal PhilWal

    The incorrect apostrophe! It burns!

  4. The hell? “Vi ses snart” is Swedish for “see you soon.” Oh, and the rest of it is crazy as well…

  5. moshki moshki

    If this guy is Norwegian… then good riddance and thank god he’s left the country. You guys can deal with him.

  6. Kitty Kitty

    Into Centaur’s what? …No, wait, forget I asked.

  7. Vi ses snart = See you soon in Swedish

  8. DanishGuy DanishGuy

    Well, “vi ses snart” is Danish for see you soon, and perhaps the same sentence applies to Swedish. Some times our languages are so close, that you can’t really see if it is Danish or Swedish, though this a lot more common with Norwegian and Danish. So it is either Danish or Swedish.

  9. I like that they provided an address. You could arrange for a delivery of hay bales during the get-together. Or make a poster for a unicorn get-together at the same address and same time. (Come on, you gotta know there are people who dress up as unicorns, right?)

  10. Jenny Jenny

    Hey, guess what! Vi ses snart is…oh wait….we’ve already covered that.

  11. JBear JBear

    I know I’ve seen that someplace else


    That bit of swedish at the end is really truly disconcerning in a ‘oh my god they know where I live and now they’re coming to get me’ way.

  13. fogbat fogbat

    “INTO CENTAUR’S? WANNA BE ONE?” may well be the next big internet meme.

  14. HKL HKL

    Does he have a mug clipped to his belt loop?!

    (yes, that is the weirdest thing for me.. I’ve been online too long!)

  15. I wonder if there are little wheels under the rear hooves

  16. Bill Bill

    I saw one of those ‘centaurs’ at a Ren fest last year. The amount of detail that was put into the costume was frightening — though I didn’t inspect it close enough to see if it was anatomically correct in all ways. I am not that insane.

  17. fergustos fergustos

    Where does a centaurs penis reside? between the front legs, like a man, or between the rear legs, like a horse? or does it have two? in which case, the answer to its questions (into centaurs? wanna be one?) are No, and Yes.

  18. TheSumerian TheSumerian

    It can be Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.
    Someone needs to figure out which one it is before we can start bullying the nation who spawned this person.

  19. Kattas Kattas

    Should we tell them that the word centurion has nothing to do with centaurs? Nevermind… I don’t know if I care enough to make them become the Majestic Centauri Justice Alliance…

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