Me By Zo

Zoetica Ebb cranked this shot off in the back of a cab crossing London last week. I hate all photos of me. I hate this one slightly less than I hate other photos of me. I hate having my photo taken. Consider this my trying to rid myself of a phobia. Please also bear in mind that I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in three weeks and was full of whisky at the time.

Thanks, Zo.


22 thoughts on “Me By Zo”

  1. Excellent shot, Zo’s talent always amazes me. The soft blurring of the background that makes your face stand out is very well done, so is the composition. And quit whining, you look fine. If I was full of whisky and sleep-deprived I wouldn’t even be able to find the damn camera.

    It seems you’re very fond of that jacket, too.

  2. You sir are my hero. I don’t think I have ever taken a picture as focused or coherent while full of any alcohol… let alone whisky.

  3. Zo – that is a very good portrait shot. The focus on the face is great, and the bokeh is just enough so that the soft focus behind the face is not too distracting. Wonderful portraiture!

    Warren – you look great! I have a similar hatred of having my photo taken, but you honestly look very handsome, in a wise, sagely way here. You should use this as your mugshot for dust jackets and stuff. Nice!

  4. There’s an inky blackness in those eyes. The type of blackness that states “Yes, my dear, I am a thing from the great unfathomable deep. Yes, I am here to eat your heart.”

  5. That picture makes you look sad… sort of like how I looked after I was forced to destroy my mail box (I had to do it, It was spreading terrible lies about me.)

    I agree that this photo would be a good whiskey advertisement, but I also think it would work equally well as an advertisement for alcoholics anonymous.

  6. It seems like most of the pics of yourself that you like also look like you’re about to snort lightning out of your snoot. Or maybe the omnipresent Odinic beard is just screwing with my internal keravnometer.

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