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Please Buy This Comic Or I Will Die Of Consumption

Really. And black lung. And rickets. Only you can save me.

Out on Wednesday in North America.

Due to the weirdness of the comics market and the continued attentions of collectors (and if people didn’t buy these, you can be sure they’d go away overnight), IGNITION CITY #1 has three covers. The first is the "regular" cover, that you’re most likely to find.


But there’s also a "vintage" cover:


And a wraparound cover.


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  1. Radio Radio

    If that’s any kind of heat-ray/lava-gun/explodo-pistol on the third cover, I will buy this comic (more so than I was originally going to before the sight of the wraparound)

    Tell me it’s a heat-ray.

  2. I like the vintage cover but god knows which one my LCS will stock, if any.

  3. Oh yes! I’m definitely going to pick it up, it looks like a really interesting title.

    Can’t say I’ll be getting the multiple covers, but I’m not going to moan about it either. Like you say, someone out there must be interested in that sot of thing, or they would stop doing it.

  4. That’s Magdalene Veen on the vintage cover, right?

    I can’t be the only one seeing that.

  5. Collectors are a blessing and a curse, I like the normal best. It’s really about time to read something of you that’s not digital :)

  6. Matt K Matt K

    My local store had all three covers. (I bought the “vintage” cover.) I really enjoyed this. IC feels like it will be a very strong story, and a splendid (if seamy) picture book. I foresee a Cigarette of Victory in store.

  7. Salieri Salieri

    Hah. Clever little subtle move – the fanboys have to look for the rarer variant editions if they want gratuitous cheesecake/skin on the cover.

  8. Matt K Matt K

    It just occurred to me how the above three covers would have been perfectly rounded out with a “Please Buy This Comic Or I Will Die Of Consumption” variant. I can’t be the only one who would have immediately grabbed that one. (Everyone: buy this issue so they can apply this to a second printing.)

  9. There’s a fourth version with a plain brown wrapper covered with Warren’s tubercular lung butter. Highly collectible. Definitely contagious. And if you buy it, it will get rarer because after he can afford his TB meds there won’t be any more lung butter.

  10. Frank Bacon Frank Bacon


    Being the upper echelon top banana type comic writer that you are, could you not insist that each comic you work upon has only one cover? It seems to me that this trend has gotten out of hand, and Avatar is one of the worst offenders. 10 covers per issue do not make the comic any better.

    Love your work, by the way.

    Mr F. Bacon

  11. Mr Bacon,

    The thing is that the multiple covers don’t make it any WORSE either.


  12. Warren,

    Yes yes yes, money has been given, dues have been paid, title has been enjoyed… But what ever happened to: Desolation Jones and/or the Dead Channel project?

    And who do I have to strangle to get more of either Global Frequency or Nextwave? Is it you? ‘Cause you know I will. I’ve got my two good stranglin’ arms lying right here next to the computer, and I’m not ashamed to use them!


  13. RobertI RobertI

    I’m personally going to hold out for the trade paperback, as I’ve done for other comics (not much of a single-issues man) but I have been waiting for this book for a long time, let me tell you.
    Ever since I read that script excerpt where Flash Gordon takes a furious dump in a bucket, I knew it was love.

  14. Will Will

    I’ve never been responsible for a person dying…my condolences to your survivors.

    Nothing personal, I have some things that you autographed & hopefully your passing away will increase their worth.

  15. Not to mention the Design Sketch Variant retailers can buy with every 5 copies they order, so that makes it 4 covers.

  16. alan alan

    Clearly your Canadian distributor is unmoved by your vitamin B deficiency.

  17. Nice artwork on the covers. Is that the same artist for the internals?

  18. /d /d

    I really should start reading comics again, except for a few mainstreamers like sandman and sincity I doubt I read any comic not online since forever. Even those few were almost 10 years ago by now. Where to restart…

  19. […] couple of yet-to-be-read special mentions: Ellis’ ‘Ignition City’ is now out and I’m off to Nostalgia & Comics to pick up a copy tomorrow.  While […]

  20. Big fan. Great shit. I just bought $100 worth of Ignition City, Gravel, Doktor Sleepless, and other stuff with your name on it this weekend.

    I got a link t this site on my website for you :)

    Come to think of it, could you manage to put out less material before I go broke and die of starvation? :)

    …Thanks for everything!

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