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  1. Or was it Synder’s horrible adaptation that drove him to suicide?

  2. TD TD

    Alan Moore invoked the power of Glycon.

  3. Dead Bees Dead Bees

    It’s a fair reaction,

    imagine what he’d have done if he got all the way to the end…..

    all hail Glycon!!

  4. ron ron

    Suicide or Murder? There was a shooting at our local theater recently too…

  5. la Torre la Torre

    Damn! I do like that movie! Sure it’s not as groundbreaking as the comic was… 20 years ago. I think all the people who have been disparaging the movie have no concept of how difficult it was, to start with. doing that particular adaptation. Ever tried to write a script?
    Now. Let’s do Miracleman. Nasty birthing and all… That will put Manhattan blue-glowing cock at shame.

  6. The man, identified as Alan Moore…

  7. thedarkbackward thedarkbackward

    WATCHMEN tried to kill me.

    I shit you not. I went to a 1:30 showing on April 7th, smug in the idea that I would be leaving physiologically intact regardless of what was on the screen, and smack in the middle of the lobby I had massive pulmonary embolisms. In fact, I threw a blood clot through my heart so hard that I’m surprised it didn’t punch a hole to let in the daylight. My cardiac doc said that it was only sheer luck that got me to the hospital alive. Now I’m breathing through a tube and sitting around in my WHO FARTED? Joe Boxer PJ pants and a wife-beater waiting for the clots in my lungs to melt.

    So, I’m thinking that Zach Snyder can cut me a fucking check any time now.

    Just saying.

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