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  1. Joe Joe

    A little Kaitlyn murder mystery arc in this book perhaps?

  2. Brad Tuttle Brad Tuttle

    That hype line was dangerously close to “Crackerjacks” old one!

  3. Nick Nick

    I just started reading from the beginning, awesome stuff!
    Any chance of a box around which page I’m up too rather than just a colour change? With the red/black/brown combo it all just looks the same to me, damn my red-green colourblindness…

  4. Caz Caz

    Thank you again for the joy that is Freakangels. And now, I must go off and abuse my FLCS until they give me Freakangels II.

  5. hello fellow [filthy] monkey*

    congrats on freakangels but have you considered doing this comic [or a new comic] in landscape format [and printed widescreen] as this would fit most computer screens without having to scroll?

    further, to embrace the medium, why not have a voice cast for the dialogue? or a zoom effect to draw emphasis to a part of the picture? that’s edging real close to an animated comic, i know. i have NO idea what sort of a website you would need to have, but i’m sure your legion of worshippers can come up with something not too costly?

    feel free to tell me to fuck off and put my money where my mouth is, i.e. create my own webcomic. i wish i had the time [or rather i wish i had no mortgage and three kids’ college fund to save for — any tips on how to make a quick million so i can shuck the day job?]

    i know, i’ll ask todd diamond [he speaks awful truths]

    allbest [the original] JLO

    * 1968, the chinese year of the monkey, you knew that of course

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