Theme For Today

March 27th, 2009 | music

9 Responses to “Theme For Today”

  1. Goddamn I love the Pogues. Thanks for posting this, Warren! I wasn’t familiar with this particular song.

  2. Saw the Pogues last week! So fucking awesome. Shane was so drunk; which I appreciated. Wouldn’t it be weird if you went and saw the Pogues, and he came out sober.

  3. Great song Warren! You all should check out my boys MEISCE from Seattle.

    MEISCE is Irish for DRUNK. They’re grand!

  4. Saw them live in Washington DC on St Patty’s Day.. was beautiful, if not a little less lively than I expected. Good unto you, Ellis, for brightening up my Lonely-Drinking-Thursday Night. ^_-

  5. Ah, The Pogues. An excellent choice, Warren. I’m sick of diggin’ praties meself.

  6. Ta for that Warren. Makes me want to kick someone from Alabama and kiss me mother.

  7. Purrrr. And there was music and it was good. ;) Thanks for this, love this song.

  8. good choice, warren! did a cover of this song with my band!
    love your music taste!

  9. Thanks for turning me onto an awesome band, mate. I notice they’ve got a song named Transmetropolitan, that have anything to do with naming your comic?