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  1. David David

    What’s this whole “Aprés Les Hommes du Watch” thingy all about, then?

  2. Andy Andy

    Probably just speculation on which graphic novel will make it to the silver screen. I can only wish it’d be Planetary since there’s no chance of us seeing more of Global Frequency than that illegal screener.

  3. captain trips captain trips

    Just wondering, do you find it annoying at all that they’re putting the Watchmen yellow and black, and the clock, on the top of Planetary?

  4. David David

    Me wonders if Warren is in any way Alan Moore-ish about his creative works being adapted for the big screen.

  5. Rick Rick

    Probably not so much speculation on next-to-screen as a cheap cash-in on the theoretical flood of people in comic shops looking for things with a Watchmen logo to buy. If it sells a few more copies of Planetary, good.

  6. geekgrrl geekgrrl

    huh, my comics shop just pushed this on me yesterday. being the consumerist dog that i am, i lapped that puppy up. woof!

  7. Victor Victor

    I think the logic goes more along the lines of “Now that you´ve seen this movie adaptation of/is aware of a serious and grown-up and intelectual comic book, here´s a few more titles you might be interested in”. I quite like it, actually.

  8. Mark Patterson Mark Patterson

    If people need a post-Watchmen fix, something as smart and funny as Mr. Ellis’ work is perfect.

    I guess my question is, why is it taking so bloody long for the next trade collection of Planetary? I’ve found the first three, and that’s it. They’re still in print. Where are the next ones?

  9. I look forward to this concluding. This is a celebration. Of Funnybooks. I love Planetary. It’s Fun. And it’s meaningful. And beautiful. And panels…that vibrate. Thank you. The both of you. It’ll be here when it’s here. That’s alright with me.
    It’s something I need to go back and read again. Since Battlestar is over as well now I have a better finale to look forward to, eh? I own ridiculously little Planetary. Issue #26 and the JLA/Authority/Batman: night on Earth TPB. This is a great funnybook for someone after Planetary #1 Special Edition. Nailed every aspect of Batman…vast, entertaining!
    But perhaps I should pick this up. Why not. No Hero #5 doesn’t come out for a few more weeks and those cigarettes don’t pay for themselves.

  10. Fisty McFistula Fisty McFistula

    speaking of Battlestar — does anyone else think that Planetary would make a brilliant series for TV or Cable? I’m surprised I have yet to read about the SCiFi channel picking up four seasons of Planetary that will essentially mirror the entire publishing run. Anyone?

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