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Wednesday Comics

DC Comics, of late, has not been a foment of innovation. But today (I don’t pay an awful lot of attention to comics news) I tripped over a write-up of a new thing they’re doing, run by their brilliant art director Mark Chiarello (also a fine illustrator in his own right): Wednesday Comics.

The publication size is 14 inches wide by 20 inches tall, so it’s big. That’s the front page – so when you open it, it gets 28 inches wide, so it’s an enormous page. So for 12 weeks, that “cover” will be an installment of the Brian Azzarello/Eduardo Risso Batman story. Page 2 will be Sgt. Rock, and so on. So essentially, it’s 12 big-ass pages. Each story takes up one whole page, with no staples. It’ll be just like the Sunday funnies you read as a kid.

As an aside, it’s not just a comic book page that’s been blown up really large – it’s an average of sixteen panels per page.

Twelve weekly issues, twelve one-page stories (either a standalone or an episode of a 12-part serial). The sort of thing that, really, only DC Comics could pull off. I’m delighted to see them setting off a firework like this. Creators involve apparently include Neil Gaiman, Adam & Joe Kubert, Paul Pope, Dave Gibbons, and Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.

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  1. Alan Vickers Alan Vickers

    I also hear that Kyle Baker is involved. I’m very much looking forward to this. My friends are tired of hearing me lament that the “Big Two” don’t bother with experimentation and innovation anymore.

  2. Dave L. Dave L.

    What’s the distribution plan going to be for this (question is just directed generally)? I fear that they’ll just be using the regular comics distribution channels, and the experiment will just fall flat on its face without growing the audience at all.

    Throw away pricing could potentially alleviate that, as you might get people leaving them on the train or the bus or wherever once they’re through, but that doesn’t seem very likely.

  3. Salieri Salieri

    Gosh, it’s nice to hear something positive about DC.

    As for “Innovation”, however – name me one new/original concept or character in “Dark Reign”. ONE.

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