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currently watching: SPACE RACE

This is one of those things I tend to re-watch annually: had a torrent off it taken from its original transmission on the BBC until the DVD came out. Everyone knows I’m a space freak, and this is prime space porn, a docudrama of the weird struggle between Korolev and Von Braun. The effects are superbly subtle, and it was simply a beautifully staged and produced piece of work, prime BBC. Writer Christopher Spencer does a generally fine job of dramatising Deborah Cadbury’s book, enough that you forgive him his shaving of events and details for tv. Steve Nicolson as Korolev gives a standout performance: he should have immediately been given his own detective show after this. Or possibly KOROLEV: ROCKET DETECTIVE OF THE 21st SOVIET CENTURY. Anyway. Beg, borrow or steal:

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  1. Never heard of this production . . . and dang, apparently not available in Region 1 format.

    I read this . . .

    . . . last year, while visiting my parents in Titusville, across the bay from Cape Canaveral. A non-heroic local history of the way-early American attempts to orbit a satellite. (The telephone area code for the area is “321”, hah-hah.)

  2. Glen Glen

    A friend of mine lent me this last year, and I figured I’d watch one episode every night. Ended up watching the whole thing in one sitting, it’s so damned good.

  3. cgeye cgeye

    OMG they made a movie of this? The book was so good.

    Korolev tore it up and built rockets out of spit and leftover dandruff.

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