The Guardian on the launch of WIRED UK:

…there will still be a mixture of homegrown material and features glommed from Wired’s American edition, alongside an eclectic slate of contributors that includes the distinguished (Oxford neuroscientist Susan Greenfield) and the rabble-rousing (Warren Ellis, the expletive-addicted comic book writer).


10 thoughts on “Expletive-Addicted?”

  1. “Rabble-rousing” in contrast to distinguished… that’s cold, dude. I think you should direct a rabble toward their offices. Wearing the V masks, of course.

  2. Is that the same Susan Greenfield (a Baronness, no less) who was recently, er, rabble-rousing about the threat social networking posed to the future of humanity, and its brains in particular? (fer gawd’s sake, think of the zombies – what will they eat?) I think it is. They clearly mixed up their epithets – you’re the distinguished one, she’s the other one.

  3. Speaking as one of the rabble, I’d rather be roused by Warren Ellis than muse over the latest thoughts of Paris Hilton.

    As for the profanity, haven’t enough decades passed since Lenny Bruce got busted by the San Francisco police? Or more recently, has profanity made “South Park” a dud in the UK?

  4. @ Ed Webb. Social networking is hollowing out the news media. That’s not “traditional” news media. The.news.media. You know? That thing tells you when the government’s lying about reasons to go to war and shit. At least in the Wizard of Oz the groupies had wings and fez’s. You look ridiculous in that Bing Crosby hat and your piercings are probably infected.

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