7 thoughts on “Canada’s Sense Of Polite Superiority Over The US Suddenly Evaporates”

  1. Believe me, one Conservative MP appointed to a position he clearly doesn’t deserve isn’t enough to dissipate our cloud of Smug. We’re used to that sort of thing.

  2. As a Canadian, I deeply, deeply apologize for the repeated insanity of the Tories. But honestly, it’s not like the other parties are any better…

  3. Don’t worry, we’ll just be smug in our disdain of him just as much as everyone else that even HINTS that they think that Evolution is evil.

    More, even, since we’ll need to make sure he doesn’t make the rest of us hoseheads look bad.

  4. You don’t really believe in evolution in the traditional sense of believe though?

    I guess in the Descartian sense you “believe” in evolution, but then again I also “believe” in gravity and that the world is round.

    It’s a bit more solid than the existence of God and absolute morality, no?

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