Dear Lazyweb:

Tell me how I get my lovely Nokia N95 8GB to play Quicktime movies? Because Zo emailed me a .mov of her eating a baby at the airport this morning, and I downloaded it to my phone (on zippy 3.5G connection, eat it iPhone) and could not play it.

I will not be denied my necrobabyporn while out in the street masturbating into a litter bin. Help me, Lazyweb. Help me.

10 thoughts on “Quicktime/Nokia”

  1. Google says: “Convert to mp4″.
    But it sounds like you’d have to download it again after doing that on a computer, which would take time that I’ll assume you don’t have.
    All I can think of is a codec for whatever devilry you have installed on the Nokia.
    Anyone else?

  2. I have an n96 and have used coreplayer – it’s a player designed specifically for the Symbian 60 series including N95, N96 etc. Not sure how much it is to buy… if that’s what you’re into. I think it started as a freeware project on the symbian platform some time ago so it’s good to support their work.

  3. Somebody sent you her video in which she is “eating a baby”.


    I am alerting the police……………………………………………..(just joking).

    Did she tell you whether the baby was delicious ? :P

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