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  1. radian radian

    Courage Wolf, fuck yeah.

  2. StevenM StevenM

    In before /co/ jerks off furiously to this blogpost.

  3. 4chan via Zoetica, I suppose, would be even more correct.

  4. or as some of my tripper friends would say:

    (spiked punch, that is…)

  5. Can I punch the face of god with the wolf? That would be pretty bad ass, if my fists were made of WOLF.

  6. Zo Zo


  7. Leto Leto

    He’s just a spin-off of advice dog.

  8. Chompa Chompa

    Show us your WARG face!

  9. Billy Ray Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus

    We still think you have sixteen penises.

  10. toasting in epic bread

  11. Zo Zo

    By the way, not only do I have sixteen penises, I also have wolf-fists. ENVY ME.

  12. Spider-Spider Spider-Spider

    Warren Ellis just gained 4 penises.

    And an extra testicle for each set.

  13. Leto Leto

    He’ll be popular at parties.

  14. Very inspirational. You should be a motivational speaker!

  15. Illogic Illogic

    I always liked the
    “When life gives you lemons
    Jam them in your enemies’ fucking eyes”
    “Fight a bear
    Live to brag”

  16. Warren, please don’t use 4chan /b/ references, at least SOME of us expect better of you, and keep in mind I’m extraordinarily drunk whilst typing this, and have spent most of my time on it correcting spelling.

  17. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Had no idea this was a /b/ thing. Saw it on Zo’s flickr, it made me laugh. You get this shit for free, son. Feel welcome to go someplace else if the nature of the entertainment offends your nerd integrity monitor after you’ve had two shandies.

  18. Will try explaining this to my girlfriend in the morning, but she won’t understand.

  19. Warren Ellis you are a saint amongst mere men.

  20. /co/mrade /co/mrade

    and here I was being suckered by ED calling it “Misinformation Mutt”


  21. BasculeTheFule BasculeTheFule

    Surely that should be ‘Punch the face of dog’? That said, Fido’s ears do look a bit like a mountain…

  22. Elizabeth Beurling Elizabeth Beurling

    >Had no idea this was a /b/ thing.|||
    … it’s not. It’s a /co/ thing.

  23. Will suck Ellis' two dicks. Will suck Ellis' two dicks.

    It’s not a /b/ thing, its a 4chan thing. /b/ doesn’t make anything anymore.

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