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  1. Attempting to get over your hatred of your own voice?

  2. The Good News: Aliens aren’t using the probe to anally rape humans now.

    The Bad News: They’re using your FUCKING BRAIN DUH.

  3. Hannah Hannah

    Is it weird that for the last 8 years that I’ve been a fan of your work I’ve never once imagined that your voice sounded like that. I mean, I’m totally aware of where you’re from etc and a lot of your comics are based out of English settings but I guess I’ve always localized your voice (to an American accent). Weird. Earth shattering.

  4. Doppelneger Doppelneger

    Well that’s just typical.

  5. Christian Otholm Christian Otholm

    The Master! He speeeeaks.

  6. Agreed.
    More as in daily.


  7. neil neil

    Can I get an mp3 of that to use as a ring-tone? That’ll freak the fuckers out.

  8. Dan Dan

    If you added the weather forecast in there, you and David Lynch would have the northern continents covered – well, L.A. and the Thames Estuary anyway

  9. pool pool

    no, no NO!

  10. I’ve never heard your voice before. I think it just got me pregnant! Now I humbly request another voice post to give me a miscarriage.

  11. Corvus Corvus

    Thanks for the update, Warren. You sound exactly nothing like I expected.

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