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  1. kit


    Next TED discussion: Warren Ellis

    “What I’m talking about is when you have the choice to replace your bollocks with a miniature civilization of intelligent nanos in a crystal substrate, is the dating scene going to be even relevant anymore? Why should I talk to a bird when my balls are better company?”

  2. Melinda


    Hivemind,a work in progress.
    Please to insert me into the Collective.

  3. This is miraculous. I had to stop watching to masturbate several times.

  4. JB


    Tom Noir, anyone?

  5. I think this is a wonderful idea, but the display seems impractical. I think a hand held device that uses a feature similar to a camera that still recognizes and retrieves the same information would be far more marketable and easier for people to understand and use.

  6. Justred


    I disagree with her solution to her initial situation in regards to supermarkets. The technology she is demo-ing is available today with barcode scanning and applications in use for them already. Granted, it’s not as physically engaging as the fun caps, but we’ve made this with fingers, a web-cam and a flash (yes flash) algorithm for our parties.

    I would say for her solution she still needs to grasp the concept of the emerging semantic web for a more robust solution.

  7. AllMadHere


    Can i just say i would have this installed the moment it was offered, and am currently in the process of breaking into their headquarters to get mine?

  8. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C

    J.F.C.! and H.F.S.! Inured to such things, this made my night.

  9. wondering what warren ellis’s personal tag cloud would look like…

  10. frankwolftown


    The future becomes infinitely more freaky as time goes on.

  11. Mobile computing has also facilitated new developments in terms of mobile medical equipments.

  12. ali gamer

    ali gamer

    wondering what warren ellis’s personal tag cloud would look like…

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