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  1. Alebak Alebak

    I don’t know what that is and I dont want to know.

  2. Ya know that pretty much my thought as well…”At least it’s not someone’s junk, how charming”.

  3. I’m very disappointed; a genital piercing was expected.

  4. Wow. You know what is the scariest thing. I didn’t look at that and think “ohhhh gross”. I took one look at that and the chemist in me realized instantly that that is PTFE, or as you might know it, Teflon.

    In my previous job I used to analyze environmental and human samples for Teflon exposure, because it is suspected to be heavily carcinogenic. Needless to say, this guy could definitely have chosen a better material to make his piercing out of.

    What a douche! (and yes, I’m a total nerd)

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