Huge Rats Scurrying Around On The Hospital Floor

Friend-of-a-friend, performer Hollis Hawthorne got hit-and-run by a car in India, and is now in a coma in a tiny rural hospital with a serious brain stem injury. Good news: one of the best hospitals in the world has agreed to treat her for nothing. Bad news: said hospital is in the USA, and it’s apparently going to cost USD $150,000 to airlift her out of India. And the hospital won’t cover that. Basically, the longer it takes to move her, the odds of her dying in a bed in a rat- and ant-infested Indian hospital increase.

The full story is here at Coilhouse. The charity team Friends Of Hollis are here.

3 thoughts on “Huge Rats Scurrying Around On The Hospital Floor”

  1. This is such a horrible story about such a vibrant (poor and health insurance-less) girl who, through the power of the Internet, is hopefully returning home instead of languishing in a deep coma. The empathy of humankind has been amazing. Thanks for posting this.
    (a friend of hollis’)

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