On Whitechapel’s Monthly Reboot Day

Today at my internet cult compound:

* How many performing types do we have in the room? Actors/actresses, models, dancers, circus freaks… you get the idea. Tell us what you do, and, even better, where to find you.

* Writers: got anything being published this month? Time to warn me (and five thousand other people).

* A new REMAKE/REMODEL thread is up for the artists, featuring one of the most obscure pulp characters I could find: a genius midget surgeon detective with an outsized head who talks about "the oversoul" while operating on people who probably had nothing wrong with them.

* Comics on sale this week.

* People talk about DOLLHOUSE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA all bloody day.

* People are also still talking about the zines they produce, and discussing the new projects they have lined up for spring.

* Also: beetle genitals.

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