5 Responses to “Lede Of The Week”

  1. This is one of the reasons I miss Desolation Jones

  2. It would appear he preferred women who weren’t very lively.

  3. Reminded me of the fanmail monologue where Henry Rollins worries about what an ambulance driver should do after having fallen in love with a now deceased and he finally aska Tom Waits for advice… Now I have to dig up that track somehow.

    Wierd discussion to go with that article and a very wierd source for news.

  4. […] (link via Warren Ellis) […]

  5. I think five years for having it off with a piece of meat is a bit steep. Pretty victimless crime if you ask me. I do like the fact that he thought of it as partying. Would have been a bit juicier if he had invited other people. Feels like there’s a music video in there somewhere.