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King Of The Slums

I haven’t thought about this band in years, but they suddenly popped into my head for no good reason this morning. A mate of mine had everything they did — discovered them because he really liked the song titles while browsing in a record shop, as I recall. And the first song that popped up on a wide YouTube search was the title I remember liking the best: "Fanciable Headcase." Which is associated in my head with all night drinking sessions at said mate’s place, and his worrying habit of using cheap lager as deodorant/cologne the morning after.

I am going to investigate this new album of theirs at some point.

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  1. frenchbloke frenchbloke

    ye gads, the lady wife has their albums lurking not two feet way from me in the cupboard ‘o’ doom. that bloody electric violin really grated with me after a while.

  2. dawn dawn

    the best cult band in manchester/ King Of The Slums, there is a lot of web stuff bout them lately…great lyrics, in fact some of the best lyrics around, a hell of a mad/wonderful sound too…i clicked your link for this new album…OMG…cant believe it. Long live the King !

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