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On Whitechapel Today

* Photographers. How many pro/pro-am/dedicated-amateur photographers do we have around here?

* Do you run a netlabel? Do you have a favourite netlabel? Tell me about these things. Links are vital.

* What new projects are you starting this spring? Tell us about them. Don’t care what field they’re in, so long as they are actual projects as opposed to "cleaning my room" or "finding someone to sleep with me who won’t cry and throw up."

* The FREAKANGELS 0046 talking space.

* A space for people on DeviantArt appears to have evolved like fungus during the week.

* The Steampunk Telegraph limps along.

* Musicians, bands, singers, noisemakers: Thread is open for people who make music to plug their new stuff, drop links to their sites, show off and talk among themselves. We like music here, and need more.

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  1. I’m feeling too lazy to create a freakangels login, but I am both a pro-am (if you consider occasionally getting paid for photography and being trained in all sorts of light and electron microscopy as the pro part) photographer and a musician/noisemaker as well as technofetishist.

    As for projects, this semester I will be working on a Focused Ion Beam instrument, which is used for milling away material (down to sub-micron precision) and depositing material (in case a prototype computer processor had a mistake, it can be edited to be fixed). So I’m considering, as an aesthetic project, etching the worlds smallest Diesel Sweeties fan art (because squares are the easiest thing to make on a FIB instrument), though it would be Nano Sweeties by the time I was done with it. :D

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