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  1. Garrett


    All this science bullshit is scaring the fuck out of me. I’m going back to the certainty of my simple Orthodox Creed Mithras worship.

  2. gmb


    I want New Scientist to be published in comic form.

  3. Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy

    The correct answer to any New Scientist headline that ends in a question mark is “no.”

    Tip: this works for every other publication too.

  4. Tea


    Sounds like a post-rock song title.

  5. JRose


    I clearly need to sleep more.

    At first I read that as ‘Do grave assholes harbour planetary ins”

  6. Seth


    Something else fun in the news today. Space monkeys are reporting that they have found a supermassive gamma burst, with energy equivalent to 9,000 suns going supernova.

    And they have no real idea what caused it; we’re only able to see the gamma emissions from 12.2 billion lightyears hence. Sweet dreams!

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