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My nemesis friend nightmare


This freak animal cartoonist I know, Chip Zdarsky, was asked by the "people" at Comic Book Resources’ ROBOT 6 blog to participate in their "I (HEART) COMICS" series of pieces wherein creators and, um, people who talk a lot on the internet discuss their love of the medium.

They declined to run Chip’s contribution.

You must read it. Because I feel sick from laughing now. Or maybe it just made me sick, I don’t know. YOU MUST READ IT.

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  1. Reverend Eide Reverend Eide

    Its a shame that wasn’t posted, because everyone should read it. Such a heartwarming tale.

  2. Oh god – the minute he says Spider-Man and powrpack I KNEW what he was gonna do… That was awesome.

  3. Seth Seth

    Fuck you for ruining my wonderfully shitty mood, Warren! Seriously though, could nerd sodomy be written of with more cunning aplomb?

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