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Your Doomed World

In a nutshell:

A German steel foundry worker has been given a nine months jail sentence after poking an air rifle up his friend’s bottom and firing it – causing his intestines to explode.

Denis Schwarz, 25, said he’d only wanted to help his pal who had complained about sweaty buttocks from working in the Halberg Guss factory where molten metal kept temperatures soaring.

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  1. Shawn Shawn

    Thanks. There nothing some some good old Ass Horror to get the day going.

  2. AllMadHere AllMadHere

    The logic here… confounds me…

  3. Thom Thom

    I don’t understand one word of this. Help his pal?

    Also, don’t understand warrenellissays on Twitter, which seems to be RT your twitter…

  4. Ericka Ericka

    Sounds like fetish to me.

  5. gregg v. gregg v.

    The question you all might be wondering is this: How did he get the nozzle past his buddy’s anal sphincter?

    He didn’t have to. High pressure air compressors pack enough of a punch to force air through clothing and into the colon as long as the nozzle is sufficiently goosing. And it doesn’t take very many liters per second from that point until you’ve perforated the colon and gotten poop into your pal’s abdominal cavity. Which, generally speaking, isn’t very good for you.

    The entire incident probably lasted less than a quarter of a second. Psst.

  6. from the same site:

    > ´Incest room for rent´ – eBay remove Fritzl flat

    > The dungeon demon’s current tenant Anton Kraushofer was hoping to make 800 Euros a night from the flat’s notoriety.

    > “Nobody has given me a real answer as to what I did wrong so I’m going to try again,” said lorry driver Kraushofer.

    > Using his eBay identity ‘Bikerlady 77’, the 33-year-old had the brainwave of cashing in on the flat in Sankt Pölten, Lower Austria, after seeing that the town’s hotels were fully booked for Fritzl’s trial.

    > Sick fans can get an authentic feel for Fritzl’s evil at the apartment, where he was a regular visitor and carried out all the maintenance work.

    You’ll be glad to know that eBay removed the listing because it was in the wrong category, and it’s been successfully re-listed.

    What the FUCK is wrong with Austrian people?

  7. It also happened in Cork, Ireland about 2 years ago. A bunch of ‘mates’ messing around.

  8. Yikes, not an air rifle, but instead a compressed-air nozzle. I’m amazed the poor bastard survived.

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