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  1. Excellent–I want the hoodie. I don’t think I have the hips for the panties. :|

  2. Jarod Jarod

    Hey, other poster with a suspiciously similar name to mine. Same here. Why the hell is it that all the customized and humorous underwear on the internet are thongs? Is it that hard to print something on boxers? Briefs? Panties? Anything other than thongs?

  3. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Dunno. How hard is it to use the link and see that there are also boxers and briefs etc right there on the site?

    — W

  4. Just for the record (and happiness of all children dancing in the rainbow) – there ARE boxes, too. (*evil laughter*)

  5. Shane Shane

    LOL When i’ll get back to USA – i’ll take all boxers and hoodies, i swear! XD

  6. I’d wear the thong. It shows off my cute butt. (even more evil laughter). An hi Lena. See you soon….

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