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CROOKED LITTLE VEIN Limited Edition Available Again

Subterranean Press have laid their hands on a few more copies of the limited hardback edition of CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, the one with the brilliant cover by Clayton Cubitt. I figure they don’t have more than twenty, so if you wanted one, now’s the time. All copies are signed by myself and Clayton (better known to many of you as Siege).


(Got’svote for cover of the year.)

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  1. maelorin maelorin

    heck yes.

  2. Zo Zo

    want. need. will get.

  3. Fuck the haters, this is powerful stuff.

  4. That’s mighty sexy. Would buy one in a heartbeat if I hadn’t just spend the last of my hard-earned on a bad-ass new tattoo…

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