36 thoughts on “Weird Thing”

  1. It’s a melange of items. The body looks to be a air powered disk sander, the clear cup is from a water separator used to remove water from air systems. Inside I believe that’s a radiator thermostat and on top I think we have a temperature sensor and some nuts.

    But to answer your question; what we have here is and auto-body mechanic’s humbug.

  2. I agree with the water separator bit but I don’t understand why it’s on a pistol mount. I feel like it should have something to do with sandblasting, though. It seems like something’s missing.

  3. The aluminium handle appears to belong to a pneumatic tool of some description (a rattle-gun most likely), whilst the glass section looks very much like a condensate drain (used to remove oil and water from a pneumatic line). As for the wee knob on top, THAT would appear to be a starfish exciter (for exciting the old starfish).

  4. Seems like it could be the Bulgarian’s air-powered gun, the salt-loaded “bulgaro”, based on the minimal description in Gibson’s “Spook Country”.

  5. Its a functionless frankentool put together from bits of different air tools to resemble a ray-gun.

    The bits inside the clear bubble are a tip, spring and needle from a spray gun, like you would use to paint cars, but they’re in backwards. The thing on top is the air regulator and trigger-button from the spray gun. The body is a disc sander and the bubble is a water seperator.

  6. The pointy thing on top is a glow plug from a diesel engine.

    As others have said the glass bowl does indeed look like it came off a water seperator, the bits inside it could easily be a thermostat from a car engine and the handle is definitely from one air tool or the other.

    In general every bit could be found in the trash can of an ordinary automotive repair workshop.

    I wonder what the cars coming out of that workshop looks like, if the mechanics are just as creative in their regular work ;-)

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