Bits And Pieces From Here And There

* STEAMCON: Seattle, October 23-25. I’m busy that week, but any con with "gun modification demonstrations" is going to be a terrible shame to miss.

* Tribal Futures.

* One-ton prehistoric snake indicates there may be no ceiling on climate-change temperatures.

* Also, tasers increase incidence of death in police custody. No shit, Sherlock.

* Primitive whales gave birth on land. There’s an image for you.

* "Meanwhile, down in the air-conditioned terrorist micro-state bunker…"

* Templesmith’s covers for his new series GROOM LAKE crack me up. You can get this one by giving your local comics dealer the order code JAN094293.


2 thoughts on “Bits And Pieces From Here And There”

  1. I’ve been reading too many things on this site and they have combined in my head in order for me to see the future.

    Global warming will lead back to 1 ton snakes. And won’t we be tasty as juvenile humans with chewy jellyfish centers and untouched by all but our very own pure cancer sex dolls.

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