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Conan! What Is Best In Life?


(don’t look)

(actually, I bloody hate birthdays. So if you think I’m doing that for mine, you are nine kinds of wrong.)

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  1. Ewww
    It’s so gross I can’t stop looking at it.
    Anyone knows who’s that “present” for??

  2. Chuck M. Chuck M.

    I knew I would I regret it. I looked at the screen and said, “Warren’s got another ‘Don’t Look’ link.” She said not to look at it. I did. I regret it. Not as much as the glass ass video, but pretty close.

  3. pastafaria pastafaria

    You are a sick little fuck Warren.

  4. Owen Owen

    God…at least it wasn’t a video.

  5. At first, it wasn’t so bad…then I looked more closely.
    And I regretted it.

  6. Studies show (well, just my own), if you look deep into the photo, you will break down and cry in about 40 seconds.
    Don’t ask me why I looked at it for that long, though.

  7. justintime justintime

    I LOL’d.

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