Never Turn Your Back On Your Friends For A Second

So I saw my friend Budgie say to Ariana, “Ariana – what would a “kids’ page” of look like?”

And then I found this.


Ariana, of course, is going to prison.

10 thoughts on “Never Turn Your Back On Your Friends For A Second”

  1. Soupy Sales did that 40 years ago

    He had a daily kids show (in the US, mostly in the east)& told the children to go into their parents wallets & purses, take out those green pieces of paper & send them to him care of the station. They in turn will get an autographed postcard from Puerto Rico.

    Apparently some did, he got grief from the station. Of course some of the details change from telling to telling.

  2. Crap, the unicorn steak link doesn’t work. Could have used summa that myself.

    Heh. I’m old enough to remember Soupy Sales’ show, and fellow loons like Chuck McCann and Sandy Becker. Kids’ TV used to have really rough edges.

  3. Its missing an activities page explaining simple things to occupy children, educational and entertaining, like…

    Matches, and how things burn!

    How to call in a bomb scare!

    Downloading porn for Daddy!

    And my favorite: Two kids, One cup.

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