IGNITION CITY #1: The Covers

Don’t give me any static about variant covers: if people didn’t buy ’em, Avatar wouldn’t print them, and they’re orderably individually, not randomly, from your local comics dealer.

The Regular Cover (order code FEB094078):


The Widescreen Cover (order code FEB094080):


The Retro Cover (order code FEB094079):


21 thoughts on “IGNITION CITY #1: The Covers”

  1. Wow! All three look great. Really looking forward to this. I’m assuming since it’s from Avatar the interior art will be black & white. Is this true?

    Also, what are the chances of this being collected after the series concludes?

  2. You have to love an artist that uses a sampling from the “Worlds Worst Aircraft” books and one of those great old COE trucks. Always nice to stumble into taste.

  3. Geezus! Yeah yeah normally I say Fuck Variant Covers and the Asshole Publishers and their Cheap Money Grab Tactics, but come the fuck on! What bloody chance do we the fans have if Avatar is going to crank out 3 gorgeous covers?! The variant covers better appear in the trade paperback that’s all I’m saying.

  4. Looks fantastic. I’ve got to concur on the second one too. The first one is really good, especially with the old experimental VTOL fighter in it, but man the wrap with the guy being vaporwared? Aces.

    People honestly give you flak for multiple covers? Why?

  5. First one gives the best first impression
    Second most interesting to look at
    third is pure pin-up goodness.

    You guys are making it hard for me. :)

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