Ignore this if you received it on Bad Signal. Otherwise:

I’m informed that yesterday (or today, if you’re in the UK) you got the new PREVIEWS. And that the Avatar Press section of the new PREVIEWS features the solicits for IGNITION CITY.

Would you, kindly shopkeeper, like to read the script for IGNITION CITY #1? I have it here in easy-to-use RTF format. Not for sharing with your clientele, of course, but provided for you to make a better determination of how many copies of my lovely comical book to order. I’m very fond of IGNITION CITY, and would like you to read it.

Just drop a note to warrenellis @ with the name and address of your store and your Diamond ID — so I know I’m not just sending these to crazed fans who want to kill me because they love me so much — and I’ll email you back a copy of the script for your personal use.


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