Nature Is To Be Feared And Crushed If Possible

January 29th, 2009 | brainjuice

If I somehow contract The Jellyfish Flu next time I’m down on the seafront, I’m blaming you.

5 Responses to “Nature Is To Be Feared And Crushed If Possible”

  1. Hopefully they’re genetically engineering a jellyfish-eating whale or the like. Well, at least for your sake. No damned jellyfish is gonna take ME out….

  2. Ah, you mean Irukandji Syndrome?
    People were getting poisoned and killed by this animal a good 12 years before they discovered the animal doing it.

  3. But then you have a chance of mutating and waking up younger.

  4. Whales could turn against us too.
    The only hope is to find a sauce that goes well with these jellyfish.
    Eat for victory!

  5. Then we’ll have to genetically engineer a swarm of whale hating albino Mastodon’s with HUGE forearms and a penchant for swearing, women and booze. I bring nothing to this comment board. Nothing. If only I had a clip of someone pulling shredded glass from their anus. But I don’t. All I have is a headache and writer’s block. And rum.