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  1. AllMadHere AllMadHere

    And it’s official, Warren Ellis needs to write for the Onion, he does it a lot better.

  2. Whenever a Republican talks about how historic it is that we have a black president, I mentally add “despite everything we did to stop it.”

  3. Second the Onion rec.

    Also–is “sand gook” an actual word? If it isn’t, it should be.

  4. Hey Warren Ellis, do you read these posts? I hope so, you see I annoy people on twitter kind of a lot too! Namely you!

    Remember back to last week when you offered an invite to your twitter followers? It went something like “introduce yourself, extra points for stalkery tendencies”.

    I do! I was your irritating twitter daily anagram name generator!

    How long would your anagram name generator have lasted? Well I would have probably kept going until you told to me stop, or I got bored, or I ran out of anagrams, or if the police ever came knocking. Alas it was none of these potential outcomes as you made the wise choice of simply blocking me from following you on twitter. And I don’t blame you.

    Twitter Stalking Has Ended…
    So I just wanted to drop you a message to express a heart felt apology regarding the tweets I sent to you. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that all stalking has ceased and I’ll go back to my day job as a Breath odor evaluator (I smell nasty morning breath or breath “insulted” with strong scents, like garlic or coffee. Then rate the breath on a scale from one to nine, one being the worst. To test odor-reducing products like gum or mouthwash, I then smell the breath again and assign it a new rating).

    A Message to All Other Potential Tweet Stalkers…
    Twitter’s a great thing. It gives you access to follow someone you admire, but I would strongly advise you (no matter how tempting it is) not to stalk them, even if they invite you to, just don’t do it man! Although it feels entertaining to you the cursed receiver of your stalking tendencies with undoubtedly feel bothered/annoyed/f*cked off by the whole thing. What you may also find makes the issue worse is when your Twitter stalking has come to an end you’ll find yourself posting on a message board to offer an apology to the poor recipient of your troublesome stalking, meaning you’re actually bordering on being stalker.

    Once again Mr Ellis I’m most sincerely sorry to have troubled you, no more stalking, I promise, this was a joke that clearly backfired. I’ll pack up all my video surveillance and phone tapping equipment and be on my way.

    Rich (MOMB Tweets)

  5. Edie Edie

    sweet Jesus-someone arrest that man! He’s not even stalking ME and I’m still creeped the FUCK out…

  6. Drew Drew

    Warren, it’s hard to brag about you when you do stuff like that.

  7. In reply to Edie – Creepy or just plain stupid? You decide. I’ve posted about this twitter fiasco on my blog We’re new to blogging so if you have time we would appreciate any feedback. Cheers.

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