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Blue Monday 11

Last batch, as I’m knackered. Apologies to the THREE HUNDRED people whose images I couldn’t use. Also apologies for the occasional bad cropping, but my eyes is gone now.

Normal service resumes tomorrow — probably hourly, god knows what’s gotten backed up today…


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  1. I’d just like to say that yesterday was distinctly non-depressing. There was a beautiful, if short-lived, snowstorm in Edinburgh, I found out that my supposed 3-month contract was going permanent and my band got a new gig confirmed. I managed to breeze through my weights routine despite upping most of the weights and got myself signed on to a creative writing course after years of procrastination on the subject.

    Monday was a good day, to hell with all y’all depressing motherfuckers :-)

  2. Edie Edie

    Silly rabbit. Don’t you know better than to tempt the camwhore gods? It’s okay-we worship at your altar of insanity anyway!

    Love and vd,
    (one of the 300)

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