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All quiet here for a day or two. I’ve got a ton of work today and tonight (and a steak and a beer awaiting me at a restaurant), and then I’m off to London tomorrow for a meeting with a TV company, after which I intend to get bladdered in Soho and then spend the small hours writing in a hotel room.

For some perverse reason, I really like writing in hotels. It’s getting complicated, of late, by the increasing difficulty in finding hotel rooms that allow smoking (because, even when I was off the cigarettes, I’d have a cigar or two while writing in hotel rooms). But, provided they’re not averse to a bit of smoke, I’m actually looking forward to a couple of hours at a desk by a window with the Eee 901.

Also looking forward to having many drinks.

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  1. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    I am wondering how you manage to type for so long on the tiny little 901 keyboard…

  2. Rablenkov Rablenkov

    Bah! Hotels and their fickle ways. Why, when 25% of the population smokes, do they insist on introducing a non-smoking policy in all of their rooms “for your comfort”? If I have to go outside and smoke by a small metal bin with a ragtag assortment of other addicts, in the freezing English cold, I’m distinctly UNCOMFORTABLE. How am I being served by their altruistic concern?

    If I want to inject heroin into the soft jelly of my eyeballs whilst masturbating over Ready Steady Cook, then that’s my business. I paid for the room, I should be able to do whatever the Christ I want to while I’m in it.

  3. I love writing in hotels! There’s a sexy retro-romance to it that you can only really match on a train.

  4. Doppelneger Doppelneger

    I also have a 901.
    The thing I love about it is the way it magically installed a new x server for me one morning.

  5. How many drinks is many?

  6. Axl Axl

    The last sentence of the post has a big mistake. Never is many, nor is enough, when talking ’bout drinks.

    (First comment here… greetings from Spain!)

  7. I got the Eee 1000 last month, the keyboard is fine and dandy but the Linux build it came with is unbearably awful. It has actually configured Firefox so I can’t change my homepage away from Asus’s Eee page – what’s the point in that? I already bloody own one! Waiting for the next Ubuntu release then going to make the swap.

    Agreed that hotels should have more relaxed smoking policies even though I’m officially a non-smoker now (I feel all dirty admitting it). Always loved a quick drink and a smoke as soon as I got into my room and dumped my bag, even if it was early morning…

  8. Hi,

    Seem to have lost your email address, or did we last speak via Myspace and that’s why I think I should have it but don’t? Anyway I wanted to invite you to my premier at The Prince Charles, 11am, Saturday next (24th Jan). HP Lovecraft adaptation Colour from the Dark. Promise it’s good.

    See and let me know if you want a seat or two, gratis if course.

    Marysia x

  9. E0157H7 E0157H7

    In California, the yuppie parents can tell if you even think about smoking. I think all the hotel rooms went non-thoughtsmoking last year, so you have to think about smoking outside where they can all cross their arms and give you disapproving looks while they sip their iced coffees. How dare you pollute their healthy air with your stinky, carcinogenic thoughts anyway?

  10. Stygmata Stygmata

    I love hotels, and airports as well.

    I’ve been tempted sometimes when I’m looking around for a place to work to head up to the airport. I’ve always been more productive when there’s a swarm of humanity around me that doesn’t specifically have anything to do with me. Trying to work in quiet solitude just drives me nuts.

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