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  1. *gasp* How did she find me?!

  2. Zo Zo

    I tell you, it made my heart smile a black, toothless grin.

  3. Joe Joe

    Best plan ever.

  4. Seth Seth

    It’s real, there’s some wannabe pimp out in L.A. putting these up. People believe him to be totally crazy. Probably right.

    I would just like to point out that, for the record, I too like big butts. Adult female human big butts, that is. One has to specify, or the horrible can occur.

    “Fonda aint got a motor on the back of her Honda.”

  5. Zo Zo

    Has anyone called yet?

  6. I truly hope that guy gets what he’s looking for, I may start putting up similar posters myself.

    “Wanted: Merciless crackwhore in Chewbacca mask to sit on me while force-feeding me chillies and dripping salt in my eyes. Must enjoy Will and Grace.”

  7. ninja Ross ninja Ross

    ……. well i guess you never know if you don’t try. maybe he’ll get what he’s looking for, eh? after all i think we all like big butts and we can not lie…. i can see that joke getting old.

  8. He worked nachos and movies into the main text, but not pizza. It’s just sort of hanging out in the header and footer.

    Well, I guess everybody loves pizza.

  9. We called. Had to leave a message.

  10. @ Zoetica:
    That’s too bad. I thought about ringing him up; I’m looking for work. But with this economy, he’s gotta be swamped.

  11. Clarity is key. I also appreciate the capitalization.

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