12 thoughts on “Eternal Optimism”

  1. It’s real, there’s some wannabe pimp out in L.A. putting these up. People believe him to be totally crazy. Probably right.

    I would just like to point out that, for the record, I too like big butts. Adult female human big butts, that is. One has to specify, or the horrible can occur.

    “Fonda aint got a motor on the back of her Honda.”

  2. I truly hope that guy gets what he’s looking for, I may start putting up similar posters myself.

    “Wanted: Merciless crackwhore in Chewbacca mask to sit on me while force-feeding me chillies and dripping salt in my eyes. Must enjoy Will and Grace.”

  3. ……. well i guess you never know if you don’t try. maybe he’ll get what he’s looking for, eh? after all i think we all like big butts and we can not lie…. i can see that joke getting old.

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