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  1. Naw, man, just rock the blindsight. Echolocation is for chumps.

  2. Holiday Cheer right back to ya, you magnificant bastard. :D

  3. Joe


    Merry christmas warren ellis

  4. Sinistra


    Insert clever anti-holidays-in-general stab here.
    Merry Christmas, Ellis.

  5. Val A Lindsay II

    Val A Lindsay II

    Enjoy yourself and drink one for us, your Whitechapel minions. Being agnostic I’m going to eat, be merry and endure…

  6. Matt Ginn

    Matt Ginn

    Happy Xmas Warren. Have a good one.

  7. Go fuck yourself!

  8. Brian



  9. Mhepler


    You drink. I ham. Both lead to delicious oblivion. Merry Christmas Warren and all the rest of you mooks.

  10. Isn’t Satan an anagram for Santa? Or is it the other way around? Happy Winter Solstice Mr Ellis!

  11. If you drank yourself dead tonight, it would still be a hell of a run. Have one on me. And fucking finish The Listener. I asked Jack about it when I was finagling for a copy of Fool and he virtually cackled back at me.

  12. Happy Saturnalia. Good luck with the echolocation!

  13. SilentObjector


    I pray God it’s our last.

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