13 thoughts on “Oh, GOOD”

  1. This showcases why I was never very good at sciences in school. Things like this, too massive for me to ever make a connection to or reach an understanding of. I can only ever be amazed at it’s existence.

    Well that and I wasn’t a very good student to begin with.

  2. All galaxies have a super-massive black hole at the center, or at least that’s the theory i’ve seen touted a lot lately. Basically, we’re all circling one cosmic drain or another.

  3. Back in the 1970s, Larry Niven explored the possibility in short stories (and indicrectly) “Ringworld”. One species figured that the way to deal with the wave-front of radiation coming out of such a supermassive blackhole would be to move planets out of the Milky Way… helluva way to travel.

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