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  1. Ummmmm…

    Don’t blame me for this shit, man!

  2. Drew Drew


  3. Mhepler Mhepler

    Give me your blame. I’ll take it all.

  4. lau lau

    oh no. oh no no no no.

  5. Rick Rick

    BoingBoing used this as a unicorn chaser. I needed a brain bleach chaser after their “chaser”… and now I need another one.

  6. I beg to differ. This, along with the packets of Obama coffee that the roaster in my office park is hawking, is what makes America great. I only wish that it had been properly rendered on velvet.

    The rest of the world cannot even hope to approximate the audacity of our will to maximize exploitative cheesiness.

  7. Erin Erin

    That’s not the only one the artist has done of Obama.

    Is it just me, or is he abusing symbolism at this point?

    I am also (slightly) amused, but (mostly) baffled by his series of portraits depicting famous people with pancakes on their head.

    His explanation? “Pancakes fall on the just and unjust.”

  8. Mhepler Mhepler

    His “Avian in Profile” series brought tears to my eyes.

  9. Laura Laura

    Well… fuck.

  10. Sudden Sudden

    We might ruin it, but just wait until Japan emulates it.

  11. Obama has a sheen?!?

  12. The pancake thing is an Internet meme. It started with a Japanese rabbit:

    “Oolong (????, ?ron) (July 28, 1994 – January 7, 2003) (also known as the Pancake Rabbit), named after the oolong variety of tea, was the name of a domestic rabbit owned by photographer Hironori Akutagawa, of Hokkaid?, Japan. The rabbit was famous for its ability to balance a variety of objects on his head.”

  13. kmcleod kmcleod

    The features seem to resemble George W. more than Obama–otherwise, my fellow countrymen usually find these oddities of idolatry quaint. Until they appear on a state seal.

  14. I was very amused. Still trying to figure out how the artists did it, in terms of technique (bordering optical illusion)

  15. matt matt

    america not only ruins everything,but we belittle and sodomize everything!

  16. tt tt

    Well I think it’s hilarious

  17. Dan Lacey is the best goon

  18. minaloy minaloy


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