10 thoughts on “AXM: GHOST BOXES #2 Preview”

  1. Beautiful work, and as is usual with your stuff I got sucked in within the first few panels. Bastard. Now please tell me that this will be collected in one of the AXM trades because that’s the only way I buy comics anymore.

  2. This stings the nostrils with wafts of McCarthy. Then they eat the leg meat. You cant hear it but im gnashing my teeth and clapping. I want 128 pages of this…BRAVO!

  3. The total fucking bleakness of this preview have made me interested in the series again. I am going to need a therapist on-call to read this one, aren’t I?

  4. Great job with the way you handled the Beast. The whole former-genius-now-retarded part really works with him. He’s like Walter Bishop in Fringe, but without the “poo-poo” lines. It would be nice and refreshing to see that in the regular universe.
    That was the best part, I think, not the crippled-Wolverine sandwich, which is the kind of nasty thing you usually do.

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