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Not Today

Just a frightening shitload of things to get done today, so I’m just going to take a quick pass through FeedDemon and then disappear. I’m leaving Twitter on, but reserving actual brainpower for the hideous pile of work that has manifested itself today. So…

* This is now available for sale. I may have to dust the dead bats out of my wallet.


* D’Israeli’s poster for the Aviles comics festival. Click for embiggening options.


* Tristan Crane:


* Siege:


* How Kieron Gillen structures a piece of fiction. It involves a fridge.

* Comics artist Ben Oliver has started posting new pieces again.

* Kid Shirt, wearing the head that he usually keeps in his stomach that has the name kek-w, writes a brain-mangling summation of fringe musics in 2008. Sort of.

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