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Kemper Norton

Kemper Norton, whom a few thousand of you will know from the 4am podcasts, has released a new EP into the wild, for free. It’s called A23, and what he’s done is put the link to the zipfile in the header to the post I’m linking you to. I would link you directly to it, but when I tried it completely crashed my blogging client program. That filthy fucking drunk Norton has done Cornish magic on it or something.

Anyway, it’s four tracks and a document full of ephemera and notes, and it’s great.

…four tracks based on our experiences traveling that thoroughfare. These include glazed boredom , traffic rage , and visions of places glimpsed through tired rain-spattered windows. Enjoy!

For those unfamiliar , the A23 is a commuter artery , an accident greyspot and a cursed Sussex institution.

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  1. Their YouSendIt file says it’s out of downloads, or something to that effect. :(

  2. kemper norton kemper norton

    should be fixed now…be of good cheer !

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