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Banana Shows

Debauchette narrowly escapes a lifetime of retching in the presence of bananas:

When I was walking with a friend last night, we were approached by someone encouraging us to enter a cabaret featuring a “banana show.” I wasn’t sure what a “banana show” was, so I asked, thinking it involved a lot of cock. The guy’s response: “Japanese midgets! And the monkey fucks the midgets!” Convinced he was just making shit up at random, I had to go in (you get in for free!, he said), but my friend shook his head and said, “I’ll wait for you out here.”

I decided I would go in on my own later, at least until I got back to the hotel and looked up “banana show” on the internet. Now I’m pretty glad I didn’t go in. I like weird shit, but I also like fruit. That show would’ve put me off of bananas forever.

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  1. godamnit. really: godamnit. another fucked up visual.

    ………my father used to love bananas, but he doesnt speak to me anymore. Maybe this delicate use for his favourite fruit will pull him up and out of his hole. Shall I send?

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