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  1. dennis dennis

    Dogs rule.

  2. David David

    They will fail.
    Near 24 hours and noone has posted “I for one will welcome our canine overlords”
    Humanity will fight!

  3. Oh, in those early years it was easy to laugh it off – “adorable” children laughing, riding the backs of man’s “best friend” – what was there to fear? Then they wore matching uniforms and gave the dogs armored harnesses – and we said “how cute, they’re wearing costumes” – never suspecting the final outcome.
    We embraced the little rascals, brought them into our homes, and those were the final days. How could we have known they had developed psychic powers, that they would enslave most of us and run us down with their blodd thirsty hounds?
    Now, those of us left wait in the shadows for our masters mounts to catch our scent, for the snarl behind tearing teeth, and the bloodcurdling laughter of their masters.
    Well, more of a creepy boyish giggle, but you get what I mean…

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